Trigger thumb is a painful condition

Trigger thumb is a painful condition that cause the thumb to catch or “lock” most often in a bent position.

The problem often stems from inflammation of the tendons located within a protective covering called the tendon sheath.

Trigger thumbA doctor can usually diagnose the problem from a description of the symptoms and by examining the thumb. X-rays or other tests are not usually needed.

Trigger thumb symptoms

One of the first trigger thumb symptoms may be soreness at the base of the thumb.The most common symptom is a painful clicking or snapping when attempting to flex or extend the affected thumb. In some cases, the thumb that is affected locks in a flexed position, or in an extended position as the condition becomes more serious.

What may occur if left untreated ?

In fact, joint contractures may eventually occur if left untreated. Usually the most severe symptoms occur when awake and when  awakening in the morning. There’s the possibility that the symptoms may improve during the day.

Trigger thumb may be caused by repetitive or forceful use of the the thumb. As an example, if you repeatedly wring a washcloth it’s known to cause the problem.

Then there are medical conditions that cause changes in tissues, such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

Prolonged, forceful grasping of power tools, may also aggravate the condition. Farmers, industrial workers and musicians who rely on their thumbs for multiple repetitive movements are among those most frequently affected.

However, in some cases, no specific cause can be found.

Trigger Thumb ProductThe majority of trigger thumb problems respond to conservative medical treatment. The first step to do is to restrict the activities that were aggravating the condition.Occasionally, your doctor will splint the affected thumb to restrict joint motion and, avoid the painful clicking and locking. Because many patients sleep with their hands tightly flexed, splinting at night to avoid tight bending of the fingers can be especially helpful.

If your trigger thumb symptoms continue, anti-inflammatory medications may be given orally or may be injected into the tendon sheath to reduce
inflammation and subsequent pain, clicking and locking.

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If the trigger thumb condition doesn’t respond to conservative measures or recurs, surgery may be recommended to release the pulley and restore full movement.

 Trigger thumb surgery



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