Be prepared for an expensive trigger finger surgery cost

 Trigger finger surgery cost may average at least $1,000, depending on the finger, the severity of the contraction, and your geographical location.

Even though trigger finger release surgery is relatively minor it’s performed on an outpatient basis, in the United States.

Anticipate the surgeons and facilities fees to total $900-$2000 and, the anesthesiologist another perhaps $400-$1000.

Trigger finger surgery costOccupational therapy costs may add several hundred dollars, or more, to your total bill. Cost of anesthetic, doctors’ fees, and the outpatient or surgical suite will all add to the trigger finger surgery cost procedure, so the total trigger finger surgery cost could add up to several thousand dollars.

We suggest you inquire whether the trigger finger surgical procedure can be carried out in the surgeon’s office. The safety and efficacy of the procedure itself are enhanced by performing the trigger finger release in the office under local anesthesia.


In many cases, the results are immediately apparent – your finger clicks, and in a few minutes the clicking is gone. The time spent at the office is trivial compared with time spent when this is performed in the operating room.

Trigger finger surgery cost saving:

An additional advantage is that the trigger finger surgery cost of conducting this treatment in the surgeon’s office is significantly less than when performed in the hospital. Check out the following video of the surgery being performed in the office.


After trigger finger release, the increased space around the tendon allows the swelling to resolve and the pain and clicking should be relieved. Prescription pain medication is generally not needed. You will be able to wash your hand after two days; the incision should be covered with a fabric band-aid. Normal activities, except those that require forceful gripping, lifting, or repetition can be resumed immediately. At about a week after finger surgery you should be seen by a hand therapist in your area to remove the single suture and provide instruction for rehabilitation and post-surgical use.

Complications with trigger finger surgery are very uncommon and include infection, scar tenderness, stiffness, and pain. Recurrence of the trigger is highly unlikely, but, like any surgical procedure, is possible.



trigger finger surgery cost

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