Use a trigger finger splint to prevent pain!

A trigger finger splint is a great solution as it can be worn to prevent the finger from bending all the way but still allow you to use your hand.

Trigger finger splintTrigger finger splints are easy to wear and, by limiting how far the finger bends, the tendon is less likely to get caught in the pulley or sheath. Therefore, it has the chance to rest and heal.

Trigger finger splints may be worn during the day and at night as well as being used after the finger has been injected to allow the finger to rest and the injection to be fully effective.

Trigger Finger Splint helps reduce triggering by limiting finger flexion.

By limiting finger motion, the tendon is less likely to get caught in the pulley and it has the chance to rest and heal.

Splints can be worn during the day and at night. They are ideal to use after the finger has been injected with an anti-inflammatory medication. The splint allows the finger to rest and the injection to be fully effective.

Because a precise fit is required to assure optimal treatment results, a trigger finger splint is best sized by a healthcare provider or medical equipment specialist.


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One clinically proven treatment option is the patent pending HandFix Trigger Finger Splint

It’s available to prevent surgery and/or for pain relief after surgery. The HandFix trigger finger splint has been designed by a licensed occupational and certified hand therapist and is adjustable to finger sizes – right or left.

How To Size a Trigger Finger Splint or Trigger Finger Brace With A Jewelers Ring Sizer

Trigger finger ring sizerWhile we do recommend being properly sized by a health care provider or medical supply specialist using an Oval-8 sizing set, in a pinch, Oval-8 sizes can be estimated using a jeweler’s ring gauge.

oval 8 trigger finger splintOval-8 splint sizes are close to, but not a perfect match for, jewelry ring sizes. The difference between the full circle of a jeweler’s gauge compared to the half circle design of the Oval-8 band, can mean the difference of a half or full size.

Instruct the jeweler to fit the ring gauge around the joint where the Oval-8 splint will be worn. Do not fit the gauge where you wear a ring as this is likely to result in an incorrect size.

As each Oval-8 splints fits both a size and a size and a half, if the ring size is an 8 and a half, the Oval-8 size 8 would be the proper one to choose.

Trigger finger exercises


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