Is a corticosteroid trigger finger injection
an effective treatment ?

Trigger finger injectionAn injection of a steroid medication, such as cortisone, near or into the tendon sheath also can be used to reduce inflammation of the sheath. It is important to note that this treatment can be most effective if given soon after trigger finger signs and symptoms begin.

Trigger finger injections can be repeated if necessary, though repeated injections may not be as effective as the initial injection. Steroid trigger finger injections may not be as effective in people with other medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

Most patients will respond to the cortisone trigger finger injection. When a trigger finger persists after two injections and, is not responsive to the above treatments, surgical procedures to ultimately remove the inflamed or scarred tissue are considered.

The patient normally returns for a follow-up visit within 1-4 weeks. 

At this time, further treatment, such as splinting, repeat corticosteroid injection (but not within a few weeks of a previous injection),  or surgical referral for severe, unresponsive cases will be considered. In addition, any complications from previous injections should be assessed.

About 50% of all trigger fingers will be completely resolved with injections, although it may take more than one.

It is not a good idea, in general, to receive more than three injections in any one location in the body, as it can cause some collagen degeneration.

Following a trigger finger injection

You can have three in each involved finger, but not more than three in any one finger.
 If a finger has been locked, the injection will often resolve the locking, but it probably will not be completely effective in resolving the problem, and you are more likely to proceed to the next step which is trigger finger surgery.

Following the trigger finger injection or surgery, a home exercise (stretching) program may be one component of treatment for patients.

 Of course, alternatives to trigger finger injection include splinting and modification of activity and you should try these first..



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