Home remedies for trigger finger
to help relieve the pain

There are a number of home remedies for trigger finger you can try if you are facing trigger finger or thumb pain.. The problem you have to overcome is that the pain arises due to the tearing of the tendons of the fingers. Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies for trigger finger that can help you get relief.

One home remedy for trigger finger is just complete rest

This is the first step that you must take when you are at the initial stages of trigger finger. In most cases improvement is noted in a few days, but it’s better to take at least one to one and half month’s rest. You should reduce the use of the affected hand and stop using the trigger finger completely. Don’t do any social activity or any work with the affected finger.

Another of the home remedies for trigger finger is to soak the finger in warm water

A simple and effective remedy for trigger finger is to place the palm of the affected hand in warm water. Perform this procedure specifically in the morning, and you will find that the snapping sensation is reduced during the day.. If you find some relief due to the soaking of the fingers, then you should repeat this process more than once in a day, after taking appropriate breaks.

You can also try fomentation

An effective natural cure for trigger finger is doing cold and hot fomentation of the triggered finger. You should first place your affected finger in hot water and, then for five seconds in ice cold water. Do this procedure every day for at least five minutes to a maximum of ten minutes.

Physiotherapy – another of the home remedies for trigger finger

One of the home remedies for trigger finger is stretchingIt’s true that you have to give a lot of rest to the affected finger, but doing mild physiotherapy is one of the best home remedies for trigger finger.. You can ask your doctor for an appropriate list of exercises to perform. However, the best and easiest to perform exercise is stretching. Stretch your trigger finger for few times, taking a break of eight hours, before doing it again.

Gently massage the trigger finger

One of the more popular home remedies for trigger finger is to massage it slowly. However, you should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, because the finger is already damaged you should do the massage gently, otherwise it might result in further damage. Secondly, you should expect the lowering of the discomfort caused by your painful finger, but the inflammation will not get reduced. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if the feelings in your trigger finger don’t initially change. Continue with the gentle massage as better results will follow.

Evening Primrose Oil

Bottle and spoonAnother effective home remedy to alleviate trigger finger and thumb is evening primrose oil. Take two teaspoons of oil every day for a couple of months. This oil is a highly recommended remedy for treating joint problems.

Heopathic remedy for trigger finger 

Vitamin B6 has been proven to be of great assistance, but, before trying this supplementary method, one should consult a doctor who may prescribe the right dosage and instruct on use. Arnica Montana is another of the home remedies for trigger finger and, is used for a number of conditions in homeopathy. If one’s trigger finger or thumb worsens with movement, touch, or damp, but feels better when lying down, it’s especially likely that a homeopath will prescribe this remedy. 



The above home remedies for trigger finger are to be used when you are at the initial stages of the problem. In advanced stages, it’s better to take your doctor’s advice, which in most cases may require an injection or possibly surgery.

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