Trigger finger is up to six times more common
in women than men


  End the stress and anxiety of not knowing
what to do about your trigger finger or thumb ….

Painful trigger finger and hand

Is your trigger finger pain getting progressively worse ?

Solve the problem of trying to straighten your finger when it catches or locks before popping out straight and, causing you pain.

bullet redUnderstand why your finger pain may be more pronounced in the morning, when firmly grasping an object and, what to do about it.

bullet redKnow how to reduce the tenderness or bump (nodule) at the base of the affected finger. 

bullet redDiscover how to straighten your finger even if it’s already locked in a bent position.

You might have some questions about trigger finger and, how this guide can help you, so here’s some answers for you…. 

Trigger finger and thumb Guide


What happens if you don’t

get this problem fixed ? 


Your bent finger may become a day-to-day liability,
hindering the completion of common tasks.

Your trigger finger or thumb pain may progress from mild to severe.

If not treated, your finger or thumb could become permanently locked
in a bent or straight posture

It’s imperative that you get this problem solved because if you don’t
your hands may NOT function properly !

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If you’re a worker in almost any industry, or someone who relies on the repetitive movements of your thumb or finger, or you continually grasp tools or objects, then you are at risk ….

Your fingers could permanently lock up making your hands basically unusable !


Unfortunately, most people do not seek attention for this problem until the symptoms have already progressed !

You can keep doing what you’re doing – feel terrible and deteriorate more, or you can avoid surgery and get your fingers and hands working properly again….


 Here’s the good news...

The Trigger Finger and Thumb Guide is a 48 page information packed guide on what you need to know.

We’ve compiled all the possible treatment options with detailed advice on ….

  The most rapidly effective treatment solution

tick 1   W
hy trigger finger occurs more often than you would think.

      The more likely causes of your pain . (They’re not readily apparent ! )

tick 1   Simple, gentle exercises that will maintain your mobility (Page 13)

tick 1   A schedule that works and reduces the pain (Page 17 reveals how)

  tick 1  Critical information on why your pain may progress from mild to severe  

 Avoid surgery by discovering ALL the treatment options available !




 Will cortisone injections work for you ?  (Page 20 details effectiveness)


 When you should consider surgery  (see page 22 as to whether it works)


 Where you can find a Hand Surgeon and how to prepare for surgery


 Surgery cost and recovery time (Check the cost saving on page 25)


 Various other trigger finger pain treatments such as acupuncture


 Will a hand therapist help you?  (Find out by reading Page 29)


 Alternative natural remedies and products  (Are they safe and effective? – page 40)

  The reasons why your finger or thumb is not getting better


If you have trigger finger or thumb pain, you really
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Trigger Finger and Thumb Guide

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Some other risk factors…..

Are you a female ? Trigger finger is up to six times more common in women than men.

There’s no need to put up with the pain ! You might think that you can live with this condition and power through, but it’s not something that you should attempt to do.

tick 1 Are you aware that the increased use of SmartPhones and tablet devices have led to an increase in the incidence of trigger finger and thumb pain ?

tick 1  Getting older ? Trigger finger tends to occur most frequently in people who are between 40 and 60 years old.

Doctor Trigger Finger

If not treated, your finger could become locked in a bent or straight posture.



Don’t take the risk of your finger becoming locked
in a bent or straight posture !

Avoid surgery by discovering the various options on how to treat your trigger finger or thumb pain….


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Trigger Finger and Thumb Guide


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